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Greebo Games: Neue Previews

Bei Greebo Games wird an einem neuen Team gearbeitet.

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A tumultuous night ushered in the Empress’ last moon of pregnancy. The monks finished preparing the ritual and the High Priest Marui pulled out the Sacred Tablet Of The Seven Seals, one of only three relics testifying the divine bond of the Imperial Family. As with all the descendants of Gods, the members of the Imperial Family had the right to receive a protector from the spirit world, a minor deity assigned to every new-born of the Dynasty.

Amidst the bustling priestesses Marui began reciting, shrouded by the thick smoke of incense. The Empress entered the final stages of her deliverance. And as the future Emperor entered this world, so did another creature, arisen by the monk’s fevered chants.
The Sacred Tablet was glowing eerily in his hands. With razor-sharp fangs and deformed horns, draped in the remnants of some unnamed demon spawn, the monstrous guardian rose before the noble Marui just as the first wail of the venerable Emperor reached everybody’s ears.

Upon the two hundredth night since the birth of the noble Emperor Shinatsuhiko, a light shone wearily from the Empress’ room, followed by hushed voices. The High Priest was awake in his chambers, fearing an evil omen hovering over the Palace. Soon, a woman’s cry was followed by others.

Marui quickly donned the nearest garment and rushed out, chasing the echoes through the hallways. Upon arrival, he found the screens wide open: the Empress lay still, surrounded by her servants, her hands still clutching the hairpin she used to stab her chest. The little Emperor rested beside her, tucked between the covers, cold, blissful and lifeless.

The silent, apologetic shadow of the guardian hung over them. The infuriated Priest Marui wasted no time: the guards rushed to his command and quickly the beast was confined by spearheads and smoke of holy Tennui branches.

The High Marui pulled the Tablet Of The Seven Seals from his satchel, knowing this act would attract the wrath of the major gods. In his righteous fury, he brazenly broke his vows in an attempt to undo the misfortune that had struck the Imperial Family, killing the last heirs of the Dynasty.

Marui uttered the forbidden words, upon which the Tablet broke with an eerie glow. Appearing in the forthcoming storm, the wind god Futen, obligated by divine law to hear the thundering words of the Supreme Marui:

„O divine Futen, the celestial pact was broken, the Imperial Family destroyed. The guardian, born to protect, brought only death and disgrace. I demand him to be punished and his soul torn asunder.“

And Futen-sama said: „Monk Marui, listen, for I will speak only once. I am bound by the Laws of Order and Chaos and therefore can not destroy this spirit of whom you speak. However, I can bind the creature to your realm as punishment for his failure.”

“Monk Marui, take these three strands of hair“, spoke the venerable god as he pulled out three silver hairs from behind his right ear, the source of his divine strength and gave them to the monk. In doing so, Futen instantly grew three feet taller and he rose up without the immeasurable weight that those mere three threads added to his own.

„Forge chains from these sacred threads to bind the guardian to this realm and sentence it to a wandering life without end. This is what you asked, this is what clears the debt of the Seven Seals.“

Upon hearing the god’s words, the Supreme Marui relayed orders to the monks to secure the Palace from further threats, prepare the imperial funerals and ultimately, binding the failed guardian to the earthly realm for his failure to protect the Dynasty.

Then, with his mortal tasks completed, Marui followed in the wake of Futen, for anyone who dares to defy the gods is no longer allowed to remain on this earth.

Kojiki, fragments of the fourth lost book

Authors : Margherita Sacchetti , Niek Van Den Nieuwenhuizen

Quelle: Greebo Games bei Facebook

Link: Greebo Games


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