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Fallen Frontiers: Sayx Infantry Render

Fallen Frontiers haben auf Facebook die Elite Infanterie und Standard Infanterie der Sayx Fraktion vorgestellt.

Sayx Elite3 Sayx Elite2 Sayx Elite1

Hello everyone,

Here we show you the Sayx elite infantry troops. The Sayx assault troopers have more armor and longer-range weapons than regular troops. Their training is higher and their aim rivals the Ares soldiers‘ themselves. Like the whole Sayx army the assault troops are mixed. No matter the genre at the moment of giving the life for the glory of the company. In the following days we will show you pictures of the regular troops and the characters of this faction.

sayx Line1 Sayx Line2 Sayx Line3

Hello everyone,

Here we present you the Sayx line infantry troops and the Sayx officer. In the Sayx army members are selected from birth because of their potential abilities. The chosen applicants are instructed throughout their period of service to combat in any situation where the company needs to use the force. The Sayx army is very disciplined and its coordination in combat is exceptional thanks to an iron hierarchy and a life dedicated to train their troops. To represent that the Sayx leaders generate more control points allowing them a greater use and more control of the deck in the game.

Link: Fallen Frontiers@FB
Link: Fallen Frontiers


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