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Dungeon Saga: Adventurer’s Companion

Mantic Games zeigen neue Inhalte des Adventurer’s Companion.

Dungeon Saga: Playing a Campaign and Downtime

The Adventurer’s Companion includes rules for playing Dungeon Saga as a campaign. The idea of a campaign is to link together a series of adventures to tell the story of a group of Heroes and the Overlords they battle against. The adventures part of this is exactly the same as normal, though you may want to use either the sections on building your own adventures or generating them randomly to add to those that are provided for you.

Excerpt from the Rulebook

Essentially, the campaign rules give you the skeleton of a heroic tale for you to flesh out as you see fit. Add as much detail and explanation as you like. You might revel in describing the time your Hero spends healing, training, telling tall stories of his exploits and wooing the ladies, or you might just want to get back to adventuring – it’s up to you. Many players get very attached to their Heroes, and create all sorts of elaborate back stories with families, enemies and all manner of curious foibles. This isn’t necessary by any means, though it is fun.


Also, these ideas may start out as a bit of minor embellishment, but they have a funny habit of getting woven into the main plot a while later. Maybe that warrior you bested in the fighting pits still holds a grudge. Was the dark stranger who spilled your pint in the tavern really just a tinker? And what did that obscure prophecy from the oracle actually mean?

In a similar way, you could add as much or as little as you like on how the Heroes come to be on these adventures in the first place. Traditionally, Heroes are hired by a patron who needs a job done that only a Hero (or four) can achieve. These patrons could be kings, princes or nobles. Alternatively they could be merchants, wizards or even whole villages of peasants. Whoever the patron may be, they provide the resources and the task to be resolved, and set the Heroes on their way.

The big difference in campaigns comes in the spaces between adventures. What do Heroes do then? This gap is called Downtime, and represents all the things a Hero does between adventuring in a simple and fun way.


In-between adventures you have some Downtime when your Hero can rest and recuperate from the rigours of fighting monsters and rescuing damsels in distress. During this time, heroes and bosses generate gold, may level up (and potentially acquire new feats), and get to visit a single Location..


Each Location is represented by its own card and offers its own combination of benefits and (occasionally) risks.


When you come to choosing a Location, take the Location cards and separate out the Tavern and the Market. Lay these down in front of the Heroes. You can always choose to go to the Tavern and the Market. Also separate out any Boss-only Locations you may
have and put them to one side (unless you are playing as bosses against a ‘good’ dungeon, in which you put the Hero-only Locations to one side). Then shuffle the remaining Location cards and deal out one more for each Hero (not Boss) that took part in the adventure. These Locations are the ones you can choose from this Downtime.

Each Hero can choose freely from the Locations available, but can only choose to visit one. Each Hero can also choose to visit the Tavern and/or Market in addition to their one other Location. When a Hero has decided where he will visit, resolve the Location
as described on the card.


Typically this entails rolling a dice and looking up the result. Several abilities modify these dice rolls. However, regardless of the number of re-rolls and additional dice that apply, a Hero may only benefit from a single result from a single Location (in addition to the Tavern and Market) during each Downtime. A single location can be visited by some, all, or none of the Heroes in any given Downtime.

Und hier geht es weiter:

Harkening back to classic dungeon crawlers like HeroQuest, Dungeon Saga is a sprawling game of swords and sorcery, that tell a mythic story of high adventure and daring bravery.

With the Adventurer’s Companion, you can create your own adventures.


It allows you to:

Create a hero – Generate a truly individual Hero or Overlord from scratch, based on any model in your collection. The choice is yours, from name and profession to spells and songs!

Design the Dungeon – Conjure up your very own maps, objectives and backstory. From the cavernous to the claustrophobic, we give you the tools and tips to put together a unique challenge.

Level Up – Watch proudly as your Character evolves from the very first adventure, gaining levels, abilities, and above all great stories to tell! Will you master a discipline, or branch out and learn new skills?

Be Bad – Turn the game on its head by playing as an evil party, heading off to take down a ‘good’ Overlord and his band of so-called Heroes.

Explore – Between adventures, visit one of 13 different downtime locations to rest, replenish and more! Will it be Tavern or the Temple this time?

Play Solo or Full Co-op – These rules allow for a new and engaging single-player experience, in addition to a co-operative mode in which no Overlord player is required!

Tackle Uncharted Dungeons – Venture into the unknown and hold your breath as the map unfolds before you in this exciting variant where no-one knows what lurks around the next corner!


It’s the perfect accompaniment to the Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest game, opening up all more choice and variety for your games.

In this blog we take a look at the Bestiary.

Adventurer’s Companion: Bestiary

Dungeon Saga and its narrative expansions will see you take on the Forces of the Abyss, Undead, Orcs and Goblins on your adventures. Depending on what kind of evil (or good) overlord you are, you may find you want to pit your wits against a different kind of enemy.

This is what the Bestiary is for.

The Bestiary features common races from across Mantica for you to add to your adventures. Everything from Ogres to Elves, Basileans to Abyssal Dwarfs have stats and special rules presented in the Bestiary.


There are also character cards for Bosses, including Ogre, Orc and Goblin.


Finally, there are also the Dungeon Dwellers – Rats, Bats and Spiders!


Mantic Games ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner Radaddel erhältlich.

Quelle: Mantic Games

Link: Dungeon Saga Kickstarter


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  • Das dürfte für die meisten Besitzer von Dungeon Saga wohl ein Pflichtkauf werden. Schade eigentlich, dass Mantic das nicht direkt mit ins Grundset reingepackt hat und ggf. das Grundset ohne das Compandion als Family-Dungeon-Saga oder Dungeon Saga Kick-Off (höhö) in den normalen Einzelhandel bringt.
    Für die deutsche Version, so ist mein bisheriger Stand, ist direkt ein großes Set mit Grundspiel und Kompendium geplant.

  • also die deutsche Version ist für mich als alter Hero Quest Hase ja schon fast ein Pflichtkauf. Hoffentlich sind auch die Regeln so einfach , das man diese gleich nach 2 Minuten inne hat. Lach

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