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Dragon War: Neues Brettspiel angekündigt

Artisan Games kündigen mit Dragon War: Riders of Ashara ein neues Brettspiel an, in dem Drachen und ihre Reiter die Hauptrolle spielen.

Artisan Games_Dragon War - Riders of Ashara 1

Dragon War – Riders of Ashara is a table top miniatures game featuring combat between dragons and their riders. Players choose a faction and fight to defend it, or go mercenary and fight for themselves in this game set in an expansive world setting.

The core set is a game where dragons fight each other or against ground and aerial enemies either in individual scenarios or longer campaigns. Each player takes a dragon and a rider (the pairing of riders and dragons are interchangeable) and plays this combination during the game. If either rider or dragon are incapacitated, that unit is out. (If the dragon is incapacitated, the rider flies that dragon into the ground and if the rider is incapacitated, the dragon flies away).

The game is based on point spending system, so depending on the scenario or campaign, you get a specific number of points to spend to select your dragon, rider and any equipment either might have to aid them. Depending on available points, players can play a single dragon and rider, or multiple dragons and riders.

Both dragons and riders start out as younger and less experienced and can grow in ranks until they become older and more powerful. Younger dragons are called drakes, while older dragons are called wyrms. Riders and Dragons each have six possible ranks that they can aspire to. Each rank gives more health and the ability to utilize more equipment.

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Artisan Games_Dragon War - Riders of Ashara 3 Artisan Games_Dragon War - Riders of Ashara 4 Artisan Games_Dragon War - Riders of Ashara 5

Das Spiel soll mit einer Kickstarter-Kampagne finanziert werden, aber darüber liegen noch keine genaueren Informationen vor.

Link: Dragon-War


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