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Crooked Dice: 7TV 2nd Edition Playtest

Crooked Dice testen gerade die zweite Edition von 7TV.

7tv edi 2

7TV 2nd Edition playtest components!
Karl has worked the playtest rules up into a nifty 40 page rulebook ‚lite‘, with about 1,000,000 cards which Graeme has scalpel’ed out and sleeved with only a medium Sanity loss. Pictured:
• Rules (centre)
• Countdown (x30) & Finale (x10) cards (left). These mark the turns remaining and provide the random events during play. 1/2 sized cards.
• Gadget cards (x20) (bottom left). Your favourite gadgets revised. Most casts should get a few gadgets each episode.
• Heroic Profile, Unit and Vehicle cards (top left). There are about 80 of these all in, with all the stats you need right there on the card.
• Villainous Profile, Unit and Vehicle cards (right). Same again more or less, for the bad guys this time.
• Mini reference cards (x6) (bottom right). Info on the turn sequence, statuses, weapon effects etc.
The final versions will be much the same as the current cards, and won’t need sleeved. We’re going to give it a go in the pub tonight, I’ll get some photos and post them up later.

Link: Crooked Dice@FB
Link: Crooked Dice


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