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Bushido: Neuheiten

Neuheiten für Bushido, geflügelte Schlangen und ein geisterhafter Fürst.

Shimogama Vipers – 12,95 GBP

GCT_Bushido Shimogama Vipers


The island of Izu is one of the less habitable places in the whole of the Jwar Isles, bestowed upon the Ito as a slight by the Eagle clan to make it clear to all, including their subordinate clan, who rules. A broken landscape with little arable land for farming, brimming with danger and hazard from the hostile terrain or its inhabitants, beasts unique to the island fill its dense jungles. Beautiful as they are exotic, with colourings to make the royal gardens seem dull in comparison. Amongst the many reptiles lurking in the shadows of the canopy the Shimogama vipers are some of the largest and deadliest. Five foot of muscle, harnessed by great feathery wings enables the snake’s great power and movement, striking without warning and disappearing just as fast. These ancient predators of the jungle are drawn to the service of their mother in times of war.

Blister contains two models, two 30mm bases and one full colour profile card.

Takashi, Ancestor Spirit – Prefecture of Ryu

GCT_Bushido Takashi, Ancestor Spirit

Those that follow the way of Michi will often spend hours in meditation, waiting for a sign from their ancestors of the correct path they should follow or the right choice to make. In times of peril the ancestor spirits have been known to manifest in physical form. Their presence guiding the hands, minds and blades of the living, gifting them their infinite insight and knowledge gathered from their timeless vigil and granting them the courage to stay on the path. Of course this comes at a great price to the spirit for once you have left the heavens you may never return…

Quelle: GCT Studios


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