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Batman: Lady Shiva’s Agents

Knight Models zeigen bei Crits Kill People neue Modelle für Gotham City!

Batman_Lady_Shiva_1 Batman_Lady_Shivas_Agents_1 Batman_Lady_Shivas_Agents_2 Batman_Lady_Shivas_Agents_3

Today we have a special preview from Knight Models-Lady Shiva- The Martial Arts Grandmaster!

Lady Shiva is a martial arts grandmaster and one of the most skilled combatants in the entire DC Universe. She is an assassin-for-hire, who specializes in killing her targets with her bare hands. Her model looks like a Kung Fu master- ready to cave in the skull of those who oppose the league!

Lets look at her stats-

  • Rank- Sidekick
  • Willpower 6
  • Str 4+
  • Mov 3
  • Att 3
  • Def 4
  • End 7
  • Special 3
  • 85 rep 0$ Funding


  • Acrobat
  • Adaptable
  • Combo with Unarmed
  • Martial Artist
  • Master figther
  • Reinforced Gloves
  • Stealth

Special Traits

  • Tracking (2SC): At the end of the Victory Points and Casualty recount Phase, this character can move up to 2d6cm.

Initially Shiva looks a little underpowered for 80 some points, barely better than lotus, but there are some hidden key details that make her a deadly martial arts master! She has League standards like Stealth and Marital Artist- but she certainly has a lot to make her stand out!

Adaptable– on Shiva- perhaps more than anyone else- is phenomenal- With the ability to raise her defence to 5 (the highest in the game) or her attack to 4- triggering her combo for 6 attacks- or her movement up to 4 (for dodging ranged attacks or just rapid movement with acrobat) Shiva is fast, deadly and flexible.

Unlike many other members of the league, Shiva deals stun damage with her reinforced gloves. This gives another valuable purpose to DKR scarecrow- allowing him to dispatch those that Shiva renders unconscious. Master fighter makes targets hittable, and relentless damage with a STR of 4+ lets her put down her foes quickly. Don’t forget that Shiva is also a deadly master of the „grab“!

Tracking allows Shiva to become one of the fastest models in the game. With a Run of 24cm plus 2 (adaptable for MOV) extra move, she can move 36cm in her activation- then another 12cm at the end of the turn- for a shocking 48cm!

Quelle: Crits Kill People

Link: Knight Models bei Facebook

Link: Knight Models


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