Alien vs Predator: Update Von Prodos

Prodos haben auf der Facebookseite zu AvP ein Update zur derzeitigen Lage hochgeladen.


Hello Everyone,

We are very busy behind the scenes getting AvP ready to ship, so as you can imagine Prodos Games have been very focused on that task. We know that communication has been lacking from us and for this we apologize.

We want to address a few points today for clarity sake.

Prodos Games still have the Aliens vs Predator license. There is no licensing dispute, Kickstarter will not let us choose to keep the page down unless it says there is. So this is why the page still states that there is a dispute.

We cannot set a specific release date, this has been requested by Fox until the product is fully approved and ready to be finally manufactured. We are not allowed to ship any components until the entire project has been approved. This is the nature of a licensed product we are working very hard to get everything finished.

We cannot offer refunds, as the project is a Kickstarter project and the nature of Kickstarter is that it funds the investment required to create the product. Accidents happen and they are currently being resolved. This is how Kickstarters work sometimes a project gets behind, we are behind, but will be fulfilling pledges as soon as we can.

Please be civil in your comments and questions, any aggressive comments will not be tolerated. We understand people are upset, but remain calm we are in the final stretch!

Prodos Games will endeavor to answer all questions whenever possible in 3-5 days from this point forward. I have been allocated to spend a large amount of my time to monitor and answer your questions on this page. We recognize that communication is very important. I can assure you that this will happen going forward and will answer what I can to the best of my ability; with that said sometimes we cannot share everything because something’s are just out of our control.

The Prodos Games Team



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