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Alien vs Predator: Neues Update

Prodos Games haben ein weiteres Update zu Alien vs Predator veröffentlicht.


Prodos Games Ltd says:

Hello All.

A short update…
We have resubmitted the rules doc for approval, after changing (as requested) the US English to UK English. We have also proofed in-house, picking up a few grammatical issues where they had previously been missed; then finally we have sent to a professional proofing company.

We are expecting the approval back reasonably quickly, to the extent that we are working to officially launch the product to the wider public at Salute 2015. We expect to get the first batch of KS product out at the same time!

As always we thank you for your ongoing support and patience as we complete the final mile of this project. We know it’s been an unexpectedly long journey and we thank you all for enabling this dream to become a reality. The light at the end of the tunnel is bright and getting bigger by the day.

We will update again as soon as we have the approval…

Quelle: Alien vs Predator bei Facebook


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  • Ich bin ja mal gespannt ob die das wirklich halten was Sie da versprechen. Somit müsste ja theoretisch im Mai 2015 endlich ein Teil des KS ausgeliefert werden. Wird ja auch langsam Zeit… Kanns nicht mehr erwarten die ersten Puppen in den Händen zu halten.

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