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Alien vs Predator: Neues Update

Prodos haben erneut ein Update zum Freigabeprozess für AvP veröffentlicht.

AvP Prodos Fox Update

Hello all!

We just wanted to update you very quickly on our progress. As you can see, by following the link below, the revised game components have been approved in the USA. This is often the longest part of the approval for any ‚part‘ of the game so far. The UK will hopefully give us the green light in the next few days.

We really appreciate your patience so far guys and as you can see, this is really close now. We’re going to call Fox on Monday and hopefully get some response from them. Of course, they may need to sit down, have a meeting about it, etc, so it may not be an immediate answer. Once we know more, we will tell you.

The box itself is ‚reviewed with changes‘, which should be a whistlestop yes. Basically, we sent it to be approved, they pointed out some specific issues (for example, misplacement of the copyright information), we have fixed those, so they should just be looking for those issues.

Apologies for the artistry on this screenshot. I think someone just got excited. In fairness, he could have drawn something much worse!

Thanks again,
Prodos Games LTD

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