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Wolsung: Neue Kickstarter Previews

Micro Art zeigen neue Modelle für Wolsung.

Wolsung Kickstarter Previews 1 Wolsung Kickstarter Previews 2

Außerdem gibt es ein neues Info-Update:

Maybe some of you missed this comment, so we are reposting it here:
“ a large batch of minis is here. Most of the HDF terrain is already cut. Additional models are being sent to Griffin as we speak. All the text to the new Rulebook is prepared. We’re working on layout and graphics.
It is very probable that we won’t be able to send some items to US and Australia early enough to reach you before the end of December. As we want to give you some Xmas presents we decided to set a deadline for the large shipment around the end of November. This package will contain all the HDF terrain, new rulebook and all the models we have available up to the date. This will go as one package to US/Australia and will then be distributed. If there is anything missing [most probably these will be just miniatures] it will be sent directly to you as soon as we have them. So all in all – most supporters from these regions will receive 2 packages from us. When it comes to European supporters – the packages will be sent directly as we wrote earlier.“

Micro Art Studio ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner Fantasyladen erhältlich.

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  • ich freu mich auf meine restlichen Miniaturen aus dem Kickstarter. Die auf der Spiel bekommen HDF Gebäude, Shanty Town und die Pizzeria sind ganz große Klasse.

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