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Warmill: RIBD

Naja… es ist eine Bar. Aber eine mit sehr coolem Namen: Refreshing and Invigorating Beverage Dispensary!

Refreshing and Invigorating Beverage Dispensary 1 Refreshing and Invigorating Beverage Dispensary 2 Refreshing and Invigorating Beverage Dispensary 3 Refreshing and Invigorating Beverage Dispensary 4

Hey there Colony Administrator! Your colony’s grown pretty big now, the MULEs are full and you’ve got enough workers that shifts are down to just 16 hours a day. Good job, but now those labourers have got themselves some leisure time, they need more than just a Foodbooth order wolfed down on their way to the cryptocoin mines!

Introducing the Refreshing and Invigorating Beverage Dispensary, model 4! Add a few of these to your colony and your workers will be provided with the Federation’s entire range of alcoholic and stimulating drinks, narcotic supplements, diabectose-laden cocktails and even the occasional snack! Currently operated by the following franchises:

Costalot Stuff You Drink
One Costalot will get your day started right, 2 Costalots will keep you extra productive, 3 Costalots will leave you a gibbering mess twitching on the floor, 4 Costalots will end your day right.

Morebucks Slurpdregs
Over 90% of the Federation’s anarchist protesters start the day updating their blogs over a refreshing cup of Morebuck’s triple-filtered skinny-Flarble Gribe-top Slurpdreg. RIBD_4s now come with free charging points for anti-consumerists‘ wrist-slates and flip-tops.

Smug Clint’s
Everybody hates his stupid smug face, and yet they can’t help throwing money at him! Watered down, bland and lacking substance, Smug Clint’s drinks and snacks are the most popular in the Federation by a considerable margin.

High Senberg’s
Using only the purest ingredients and distillation processes, High Senberg’s peculiar drinks and narco-snacks induce a feeling of having a little patch of blue sky over you all day long. Repeated consumption will reduce the duration of this feeling.

Das Set kostet 27,99 Pfund, ist derzeit aber für 24,99 Pfund zu haben.

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  • „Morebuck’s triple-filtered skinny-Flarble Gribe-top Slurpdreg“

    Alter Schwede, auf sowas muss man erstmal kommen!

  • Für den der wirklich gar keine Zeit fürs Basteln hat, ok, aber sonst sehr grob aussehend und nicht nach Modell, sondern eben eher Spielzeug. Man könnte natürlich noch ne Menge nacharbeiten (Papp, oder Plastic-Card Platten überall draufpappen um mehr Dimension und Details reinzugeben), aber nun gut.

    Auf jeden Fall gibt es Inspiration.

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