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Super Dungeon Explore: Neue Previews

Soda Pop Miniatures zeigen den Fortschritt ihres erfolgreichen Super Dungeon Explore Brettspiel-Kickstarters.

Soda Pop Super Dungeon Forgotten King Logo

Friday! We received a gift of 6″ of snow and still snowing here at Soda Pop Central. Perfect day for staying inside and playing a little Super Dungeon Explore with a hot beverage.

Print Production

  • Classic Mode Rulebook: Done!
  • Arcade Mode Rulebook: Laid out, in editing.
  • Explorer’s Handbook: Done!
  • Hero Cards: Done!
  • Classic Monster Cards: Done!
  • Arcade Monster Cards: Done!
  • Explore Deck: Done!
  • Arcade Command Deck: Done!
  • Packaging: Core box done. Remaining packaging in layout.
  • Dungeon Tiles: Done!
  • Quick Start Rules: Laid out, in editing
  • Coloring Book: awaiting layout
  • Tile Effect Cards: Done!
  • Core Treasure Deck: Done!
  • Loot Deck: Done!
  • Upgrade and Expansion Treasure: Done!

The two big items that were completed since our last print update are the Classic Mode Rulebook and the Arcade Monster Cards. Finishing them literally had me running through the warehouse in mad glee.

The Arcade Rulebook, the remaining packaging, and Quick Start Rules are the last large, time consuming, print items to accomplish and we are steadily working through them.

What is after „Done“?

First, we will do (and are doing) several print proofs to make sure all of the files look good when actually printed, and to catch any last edits.

After that we bundle all the files according to the product SKUs and send them off to China. China will then do digital and print proofs for our approval. Once that process is done we’ll push the button on actually printing everything.

We will, of course, keep you informed through the entire process.

Are you still doing split shipments?

We are getting this question a lot now that the dice have set us back a bit. At the moment the answer is still, „yes.“ However, as more items get completed we will continue to evaluate our timelines and plan shipping to best serve you backers getting your items in as timely a manner as possible. If there is an opportunity for us to get you everything in the first shipment we are going to do it!

Break it Down — Giri Time!

Soda Pop Miniatures_Forgotten King Kickstarter 1 Soda Pop Miniatures_Forgotten King Kickstarter 2 Soda Pop Miniatures_Forgotten King Kickstarter 3

Giri are creeps. Creeps are spawned when Explore Cards are drawn. You will be receiving 6 Giri as part of the Always Super Pledge. In addition, the Goro blacksmith item includes 6 Giri.

Creeps are never combat power houses. As such the Giri clock in with a low STR of 2 blue. However, the Mob ability allows them to get up to +3 blue STR when they roam in packs. Their melee range of two also lets them strike from distance.

Giri are naturally squishy with an ARM of 0 stars and only 1 heart. Insignificant makes it so that Heroes won’t gain any loot off of the Giri’s destruction, so Heroes need to decide if they want to spend precious action points beating up Giri or going after more lethal targets.

Of note is that Giri are worth 0 Skull Points. This is because all creeps activate for free if a Hero is on their tile.

Finally New Crop allows the Consul to reposition his models by moving a kinoko or kodama next the Giri. A handy tool from a monster that activates for free!

In Arcade, Giri are solo monsters. Meaning they only have solo attributes and never form a gang.

In combat they pack a stout punch with a STR of 2 stars and a RNG of 3 squares. Insignificant, continues to deny Heroes loot, offsetting their low ARM and Hearts.

When a Unique command is drawn the Giri use New Crop. Unlike Classic, the Arcade version spawns brand new models from the spawning pool. Since Arcade is automated the choice of models is pre chosen as either a Mook or Kinoshroom.

Goro is Hungry!

Soda Pop Miniatures_Forgotten King Kickstarter 4 Soda Pop Miniatures_Forgotten King Kickstarter 5 Soda Pop Miniatures_Forgotten King Kickstarter 6 Soda Pop Miniatures_Forgotten King Kickstarter 7

First, the Boss Fight card. When Goro spawns Wind Spirit triggers. Goro is a faerie of air, wind and water, as such Wind Spirit grants all elite and minion monsters the ability to Fly! That’s right all the little’uns take to the sky.

Timeouts occur when a dungeon boss is reduced to half wounds. The boss removes all status effects, spawns 6 skull points worth of monsters from the spawning pool, and triggers their timeout effect. Which in Goro’s case is Giri Swarm, allowing him to spawn six new Giri. Goro’s timeout spawns a veritable horde.

As a dungeon boss, Goro has a lot going on! Lets navigate this guy.

Goro is deceptively slow with only 4 movement points. The Fly ability lets him ignore most tile effects. If you look down at his unique actions you will also see the Wind Spirit offensive action which has the Pounce ability. If you recall from the Frog Knight, Pounce allows you to move an additional 5 squares to get within melee range of your target. Wind Spirit only costs 1 action point making Goro a surprisingly quick-footed foe.

For basic combat Goro has a STR of 1 star, 3 blue dice, and 1 green dice. For the math minded that comes to an average roll of a little over 4 stars, topping out at 11 stars. That’s a formidable hit. Oh wait, he also has Mob—just like the Giri. At full mob potential Goro hits with a STR of 1 star, 6 blue, and 1 green!

Should Goro run out of Giri to help him mob, the Consul can spend 2 action points to use the Meddlesome Giri support action and spawn 4 more Giri adjacent to him.

Rounding out Goro’s hurty capabilities are the offensive actions Biting Gale and Devour.

Biting Gale is a magic, sweep 3 area effect that uses Goro’s WILL of 3 red dice and causes Knockdown.With Goro’s large base that hits 12 squares!

Devour is a melee offensive action that grants Goro +1 green STR. If it inflicts a wound Goro may remove 1 wound token!

Speaking of devouring things, Goro’s Feed Me ability allows him to destroy one friendly model every activation and remove 1 wound token. Delicious Giri!

When being attacked, Goro has a stout 3 red ARM, 8 hearts and immunity to the status effects Knockdown and Bane.

Let’s Arcade!

Goro’s Classic Mode speed from Pounce gets rolled into an increased 8 movement points. His 4 star STR is right in line with his average from Classic. In addition, he retains 4 action points which is brutal on an Arcade monster. Especially when you see that Devour is a signature action.

What’s a signature action?

Glad you asked. Some monsters have signature actions that they perform every time they activate in addition to their basic attacks, even if no Unique command was drawn! Signature actions cost 0 action points. That’s right, Goro uses the Devour action pretty much every turn, granting him +1 STR and healing his wounds.

Right along with Devour, Feed Me works the same in Arcade as it does in Classic, destroying a friendly model and removing a wound token from Goro’s 12 hearts.


….Wait. What? 12 Hearts?

Yes, 12 Hearts! Goro is a beast in Arcade and can survive a tremendous amount of punishment. Mwhahahahahaha! With those Hearts come a rugged ARM of 3 stars and immunity to Knockdown and Bane.

And, of course when a Unique command is drawn more Giri are spawned thanks to Meddlesome Giri. Delightful!

But wait, there’s more!

Goro also comes with 12 Explore Cards. Lets look at 2 of them.

Soda Pop Miniatures_Forgotten King Kickstarter 8

Downpour spawns 2 creeps and grants the Heroes in the tile Immune: Fire and +2 Movement Points.

Respec, well, you can read it, but it lets you have a total do over on your Heroes‘ equipment. Very handy when Trent or a Booty Grinder destroy your equipment. Yay! (It also spawns 1 creep.)

Okay, that’s it for this week. Next week we’ll have more previews and more production info as Forgotten King steams along.

Until then, may you always roll stars and—


Link: Forgotten Kings Kickstarter


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  • Goro und die Giri gehören ja zu meinen Lieblingen aus den neuen Sachen. Einfach super sich vorzustellen wie eine Horde der kleinen Creeps über die Helden herfällt während ihr Boss im HIntergrund immer mehr produziert und sich ab und zu einen als Snack ins Maul stopft … da krieg ich jetzt schon wieder das grinsen 😀

  • Definitiv tolle Sachen in dem Kickstarter! Weiß man schon, wie die das später veröffentlichen? Sind die ganzen Sachen wie die Giris dann eine kleine Erweiterung oder kommen tatsächlich alle Sachen in eine große Forgotten King-Kiste?

    • Für die Forgotten-King-Kiste ist Ende März als Erscheinungsdatum bei einem Händler aufgetaucht, aber vielleicht ist das nur Wunschdenken… und die Giris und so werden kleine Erweiterungen, den Boxinhalt kann man auf der Kickstarter-Startseite angucken. Vom Umfang her ähnlich zu der alten Box.

      • Stark, danke!

        Dann wird nächsten Monat mal die Grundbox SDE gekauft, dieses Spiel reizt mich schon viel zu lange 😀

  • Ach was freu ich mich, wenn dann mal die ganze Riesenkiste hier aufschlägt! 😀
    Und zu Weihnachten gibt’s schon mal die alten Erweiterungen vom Schwiegervater. 🙂

  • Wenn jetzt nicht produziert wird bzw. es nicht bis zum 31.01 auf den Schiff ist, fällt es wieder auf das Chinesisches Neujahrsfest (Jedes Jahr wieder). Dann wird bis nach März nichts passieren also frühstens Mai.

  • die minis lassen mich sowas von kalt. der große erfolg davon scheint ihm ja recht zu geben, ich war davon eher überrascht. auch hier jetzt. niedlich ja, aber auch irgendwie jetzt nicht anders als das was man im ü-ei findet. nur halt nen anderes design. ^.^

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