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Sulphur Incursion: Skirmish Kickstarter

Mit Sulphur Incursion versuchen Terragnosis einen 32MM Skirmisher über Kickstarter zu finanzieren.

Post-apocalyptic future warfare where bands of scavengers battle for ever diminishing resources.

Sulphur is a futuristic tabletop skirmish game set in a devastated post-apocalyptic landscape where warring gangs of scavengers battle for ever dwindling resources.
We already have a range of miniatures and vehicles which are currently available from our web-store. Sulphur Incursion is our next big expansion – so that’s more warriors, more Heroes and more vehicles to battle it out across the ruined and deadly Sulphur landscape.

This campaign will also include a new Sulphur scenario (Sulphur Incursion) which will be available to our backers and may even include an updated version of the Sulphur Battle Rules. So if you enjoy a bit of “end of the world” style mayhem – this is the campaign for you!

The Main Goal is £1000 this unlocks:

Terragonis_Sulphur Incursion KS 1

Stretch goal 1 £1200
This nippy little flyer is perfect for scouting and picking off small vehicles. Armed with a heavy laser and a mini-gun it will prove to be a versatile little beast and can even punch a sizeable hole in a main vehicle given half a chance.

Terragonis_Sulphur Incursion KS 2

Stretch goal 2: Heavy Flamer £1400
Burn Burn Burn.. that’s all you need to know about this Heavy Weapons duo.

Terragonis_Sulphur Incursion KS 3

Stretch Goal 3: £1600
Or perhaps you prefer to rain bullets on your foe with a chain-gun? Don’t worry about aiming, just point, pull the trigger and watch your target light up in devastation.

Terragonis_Sulphur Incursion KS 4

Stretch Goal 4: £1800
Legendary Hero „Honey“. Awesome in close combat and pretty good in a fire fight too, Honey will always be a pleasure to have in your force.

Terragonis_Sulphur Incursion KS 5

Stretch Goal 5: £2200
The Militia. In the Sulphur Campaign game this is how most forces start, poor morale, light weapons (and a bit clueless!) – but there are lots of them! Images coming soon.

Terragonis_Sulphur Incursion KS 6

To compare your saving with RRP after release just check out form below.
It also shows you how much to add to your pledge for each stretch goal you want to add. for example if you want to have the small flyer plaus your pledge level, just add £15.

Terragonis_Sulphur Incursion KS 7

Der Kickstarter liegt aktuell bei 1.161,00 GBP und läuft noch 26 Tage.

Link: Sulphur Incursion bei Kickstarter


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