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Sally 4th: Weitere Shopping Mall Previews

Lasst die Zombies los, das passende Gelände ist im Anmarsch!

Sally 4th 28mm scale shopping mall 1 Sally 4th 28mm scale shopping mall 2 Sally 4th 28mm scale shopping mall 3 Sally 4th 28mm scale shopping mall 4

Pre-release preview. Not available yet, but due later this week!

This is the start of Sally 4ths huge 28mm scale shopping mall release. Great for modern, science-fiction, zombie action, police / counter terrorist operations. The full release will cover everything you could possibly want to set games in shopping arcades, railway stations, metros and other similar places.

These photos are all taken with this weeks releases (escalator, atm, telephone booth, photo booth, benches, bins, railings & vending machines) together with a £25 starter set and £4 set of 12 extra 5 cm floor tiles.

Quelle: Sally 4th bei Facebook


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