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Rubicon Models: Umfrage zum nächsten Bausatz

Rubicon Models führen derzeit eine Umfrage zu ihrem nächsten Panzerbausatz durch!

Rubicon Models US Panzer Umfrage

Which one do you prefer?  There are several possibilities:

(1) M10 Wolverine / 17pdr SP Achilles
(2) M10 Wolverine / M36 Jackson
(3) M36 Jackson /17pdr SP Achilles
(4) M18 Hellcat

Vote now or give comments!

Some Background History:

By far the most common US design was the 3in Gun Motor Carriage M10 (Wolverine), later supplemented by the 90 mm Gun Motor Carriage M36 (Jackson) – both based on the M4 Sherman hull and powertrain – and the 76 mm Gun Motor Carriage M18 (Hellcat), based on a unique hull and powertrain design, with a slight visual resemblance to what was used for the later M24 Chaffee light tank.

The M18 came closest to the US ideal; the vehicle was very fast, small, and mounted a 76 mm gun in a roofless open turret. The M36 Jackson GMC possessed the only American-origin operational gun that could rival the vaunted 88 mm German ordnance, the 90 mm M3 gun, and the M36 remained in service well after World War II.

Hier geht es zur Umfrage

Quelle: Rubicon Models


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