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Relic Knights: Star Nebula Corsairs Battle Box

Soda Pop zeigen weitere Bilder zu Relic Knights.

Star Nebula Corsairs Battle Box 1 Star Nebula Corsairs Battle Box 4 Star Nebula Corsairs Battle Box 7 Star Nebula Corsairs Battle Box 2

Star Nebula Corsairs Battle Box 3 Star Nebula Corsairs Battle Box 5 Star Nebula Corsairs Battle Box 8 Star Nebula Corsairs Battle Box 9

Hello Everyone,

We had one of each of the new Battle Boxes express mailed to us so that we could get pictures for you. Today, and each day next week, we will show pictures and a short video from our unboxing of the battle boxes.

Please note that this is NOT studio video. These are pictures and video that we took on my trusty iphone. Studio photography will be following after Templecon. We just couldn’t wait to share!

First, is the contents of the Battle Deck. Every Battle Box includes one Battle Deck. The Battle Deck includes your 42 card Esper Deck. In addition, it includes double-sided action reference cards, scenario reference cards, tracker cards for primary and second objectives, and token key card.

Next is the mini-rulebook. Every Battle Box had its quickstart rules upgraded to a mini-rulebook. The mini-rulebook is 32 pages and includes all of the rules to play the game. We took just a couple photos of the page spreads. You can download a pdf copy of the mini-rulebook on the Soda Pop Miniatures Media Page.

And now the faction specific contents of the Star Nebula Corsair Battle Box. The models are: Captain Harker and his cypher, Caeser, a squad of 5 Corsairs, and 1 Broadside. In addition to the models are the faction colored tokens, cards, and dashboard.

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