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Pulp City: Neue Updates

Bei Pulp City gibt es Neuigkeiten bezüglich des Kickstarters, sowie ein WIP von Bigfoot.

Bigfoot2 Bigfoot

almost there. Got two shipping confirmation for the rest of the metals from the UK.

50 kg total. That is still not all of it, but once they arrive here tomorrow and Monday, we will be able to send the big box to the US before Christmas. Any time we got left till Christmas is going to be for packing the orders for EU and rest of the world, so that the bulk of them goes out in December. Hopefully all. Apparently, even Monsters will be done, though I will believe it when I see it. At this point, the history of the resins in this project makes me a very very cautious realist.

Thanks for being with us, this is a major learning experience for us – I hope we can put this education into use in the next project.

I want to leave you with a very optimistic image – here’s never seen before one of the first releases to come after KS delivery. Canadian & Pacific Northwest friends – we are still not sure which side of the border did this guy come from. All we know is that he knows what grunge is.

Link: Pulp City@KS


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