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Maelstrom: Minotaurus und Hintergrund

Don’t Panic Games zeigen ein weiteres Bild und mehr Hintergrund zu Maelstrom.

Maelstrom Minotaurus

Charge, stomp, cleave, rinse, repeat !

Here is an armored minotaur, trained to join the Irosian army in the 2-Armies Starter Box. The Irosian Empire is the largest on Feralis. It has brought many countries under its rule along centuries of conquest. While it is dominated by humans, the imperial army can rely on many other species to join its ranks and fight loyally in the name of Emperor Alexander. Such minotaurs, for example, are considered as elite forces. The ferocity of a bull and the craftiness of a man make all enemies quake at the sight.

Yelling „Toro !“ isn’t going to do squat in this battle.

Und dann gibt es noch was zum Hintergrund des Spiels:


Born from the clash of mystical energies, the world of Feralis was given its name by its first lords, dragons born from the elemental uproar called the Maelstrom. Many other creatures appeared along with this world’s birth, angels, demons, minotaurs, sphinxes and many others. Their might, however, was waning as the magical turmoil was ceasing. After Feralis was finally completed, primal dragons and their heirs just disappeared or fell asleep in every corner of the world.

The younger species were less influenced by the Maelstrom’s energies and didn’t succumb to lethargy. Free from the ancient monsters, dwarves, elves, humans and orcs thrived and claimed Feralis as their own. Among them, chosen ones kept a hidden link with magic. They became adventurers, mystics or pariahs.
Centuries went by. Each species gave birth to several cultures, usually with a similar goal, to create a ruling civilization. Empires rose and empires faded away. Every once in a while, an adventurer found the shelter of ancient creatures born of the Maelstrom. Only on rare occasion, were the weakest ones defeated.

But now things have changed. A few months ago, Lorn, a famous adventurer, raided the den of a creature far too strong for him. Athora, a mighty dragon, woke from Slumber. He took flight and set the old Xao kingdom ablaze. A beacon heralding the return of Magic on Feralis.

Since that fateful event, the world is changing. Maelstrom creatures are emerging along elemental beings, spreading destruction in their wake. Armies assemble to build their lords’ power, clash with monsters or wreak vengeance for past grudges. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain, Magic is coming back and Feralis will descend into chaos.

Except for the Elf Kingdom of Avaren and the Orc archipelago of Kaljoran, cultures and species are easily separated on Feralis. Many nations have a dominant species and several sub-species. For example, Irosia is populated mostly by humans, however, dwarves, elves and orcs born on its soil and loyal to Emperor Alexander can be found there.

However, these minorities are rarely treated as equals. The law varies from nations to nation and problems arise. For instance, only a few of the elves can withstand the „survival of the fittest“ rule of the Orc kingdom. The unrest grows, spears and tempers sharpen. Change is coming.

After the Maelstrom and its wild clash of elements, magic dissipated but never disappeared from Feralis. For centuries, it sprung from special places considered as sacred by their inhabitants, and for exceptional people gifted by fate. No special deed or blood tie can link anyone to Feralis’ magic. The magic seem to choose its heralds in unpredictable ways.

Born from the union of elements, magic is the energy of change, creation and chaos. Some cultures try to tame it, while others see it as a deity with unfathomable goals. Because it spawned the dragons and other legendary creature who dominated Feralis for so long, magic is often met with mistrust and dread. Ones touched by it are often outcasts in a way or another.

The Maelstrom’s return is birthing many beings and their powers are growing. As the tide of magic rises, once thought of as normal people discover their dormant abilities and hone their elemental powers. This worldwide event is known as the Awakening and nothing will ever be the same. How will you use your gift ? Honor and truth or pillage and plunder?

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  • Hm, was ich bis jetzt so an Miniaturen sehen konnte, gefällt mir nicht so recht. Nicht schlecht, aber alles schon mal da gewesen, nur eben besser. Nichts was jetzt wirklich vom Hocker haut. Da macht es m.M.n. Mierce schon sehr viel besser. Mal schauen, wie sich das hier weiter entwickelt, bin besonders auf das Spielsystem gespannt.

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