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HiTech Miniatures: Mission Katharsis

HiTech haben ein neues „Taktisches Brettspiel“ angekündigt.

Mission Katharsis Preview 1 Mission Katharsis Preview 2

Welcome. We would like to introduce You the project we are currently working on.
It is a tactical board game created with the participation of high-level specialists , artists , gamers …. work on coming to an end so, we have enough materials to share with You regularly until the final release of the product.
The game „Mission: Katharsis“ is somehow an introduction, a prelude to a much larger game WARHELL over which the work lasted considerably and is still ongoing.
Nevertheless, with the Mission Kathatrsis You will be able to learn about the history of the world that we created and have a good time playing . Five high quality miniatures and a whole lot of cards with beautiful graphics representing opponents. We hope that You will enjoy. More details VERY soon .

Quelle: Mission Katharsis bei Facebook


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