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Fallen Frontiers: Kickstarter Finale

Bei Fallen Frontiers gibt es kostenlose Extras, neue Infos und ein Spielbeispiel.

Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter Finale 1 Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter Finale 2 Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter Finale 3

Neue Charakterinfos gibt es auch:

Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter Finale 4

Dianne Tianseen

The rank of lieutenant sixth grade is not something that is handed out easily in the Sayx Corporation.

It requires many skills, no scruples and a little luck to achieve it. Of course being a senior commander of the fleet you make a lot of enemies, but with the proper strategy many of them end up losing their lives on the field of battle. Heroes for the corporation, an inspiration for the troops, and also one less problem for his supreiors.

With 5 campaigns on her shoulder, Dianne has seen many conflicts and has managed to emerbe victorious from all of them. Ares, Riffs, Humans and even the sheep-like herds of Harvesters end up succumbing to a well-trained army. With the right equipement the enemies makes no difference, the only difference is the fluid spilled when they are shot.

You can see Dianne’s render here: http://bit.ly/1ClDibi

Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter Finale 5


Jeri Hansen was the seventh child out of nine. A star pupil and she excelled at gymnastics too. She was the star flag twirler for her college gymnastic team, no one could match her grace and cat like reflexes. But that afternoon at the colony stadium everything was so fast not even she could react.

She was struck by some kind of stunning beam and fell immediately to the ground. A blurred shape was before her, as her eyes began to focus she saw a mechanical body looking down at her with eyes glowing red. Once Jeri was fully awake and aware she realized everybody surrounding her was dead. Thousands of them.

“Please designate your identity.”, she heard in her head. “Are you going to kill me too?” “No, you are a valuable exception. Please designate your identity.”

She said nothing. All she could think of was that her family and relatives were probably among the dead bodies. The metallic voice then said:

“Despair is now your designated identity, prepare for orders.”

But she wasn’t prepared for the pain that followed.

Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter Finale 6

Sayx Vulcans

Since the Sayx first encountered Ares operators at Magellan they realized that the firepower of their regular troops was insufficient to confront their new enemy. Even their elite units found enormous difficulties in penetrating the thick armor of Ares troops. At that moment began the Vulcan project: An armored suit agile enough to deploy in squadrons from a ship or shuttle and capable of piecing any personal or light vehicle armor.

Vulcans are deployed as mobile weapon platform and provide covering fire to advancing ground troops. Their long range and high firepower excel at clearing andvance corridors and help in covering strategic areas of the battlefield. The Vulcans have a high defense but they are not prepared for combat at close range, and their lack of mobility can make them vulnerable in melee.

Und dann gibt es einen kleinen Mini-Spielüberblick:

Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter Finale 7

Today we are going to show you a simple example of how Initiative, Phases and Fatigue interact with each other, which should give you a better idea of how the game plays. Note that in this tutorial we are not going to be talking about hero, resource and card interaction, which will be covered later.

Here you can see a very basic table setup. The Ares player has deployed 3 squads at the top, whilst the Riffs player has deployed 3 squads at the bottom.

Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter Finale 8

The players roll-off for Initiative, and the Ares player wins, so he gets to activate his units on Phase 1. He decides to move all of squads forward, taking cover behind crates and containers.

Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter Finale 9

The players roll-off for Initiative, and the Ares player wins again, so he gets to activate his units on Phase 2. He pushes forward with his middle squad, and he shoots with the other two. The left squad gets a couple of hits, but the Riffs armor deflects them. The right squad manages to inflict 2 wounds, and they are assigned to the two Berserkers in the open.

Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter Finale 10

Since the Ares player already had Initiative twice during this round, the Riffs player automatically gets the Initiative from now on. On Phase 3 the Riffs player is not too worried about taking hits, so he moves his Berserkers into the open, lining them up for an Assault. He moves the other two squads forward and into cover, so that the Ares are in range of their carbines.

Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter Finale 11

The Riff player decides to go all out on Phase 4, and opens fire on the Ares with his two Riffs squads. The left squad manages to inflict 2 wounds despite shooting at enemies in cover, whilst the center squad doesn’t score a single hit. The Berserkers assault the Ares unit behind the crates, inflicting 3 wounds and avenging their fallen brothers.

Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter Finale 12

Round 1 is over, and Round 2 begins. The players roll-off and the Riffs player wins. Taking the Initiative on this Phase means that his units are going to be fatigued, but it seems worth it. The player assaults the Ares squads with his Berserkers, which destroy the enemy. The center squad moves up, albeit slower because it is fatigued. The left squad opens fire on the Ares, but their shots fail to connect, again due to fatigue.

Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter Finale 13

The players roll-off and the Ares player wins, taking Initiative for Phase 2. The two squads are activated and reign doom on the Riffs with their assault rifles, killing 2 Riffs and destroying the Berserker squad.

Die Kampagne steht bei 93.000 Dollar und läuft noch 4 Tage.

Quelle: Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter


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  • Langsam geht es wieder aufwärts, hoffentlich bleibt es so 😉 .
    Ist mein erster kompletter Kickstarter, wo ich in ein komplettes System investiere, nicht nur in ein paar Figuren. Und wenn ich den bis nächstes Jahr Weihnachten habe,solls ok sein, bis dahin hab ich noch genug mit Warzone zu tun 😉 .

    Ps.: Die Kampagne läuft noch 6 Tage.

  • Hallo. Ich würde mich anbieten für Leute mizubestellen um Versand zu sparen. Bin langjährig dabei und zuverlässig. Wohne in Berlin. Einfach mal Aun Jan Kauyon in der TTW anschreiben.


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