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Fallen Frontiers: Kickstarter endet

Scale Games sind mit ihrem Kickstarter auf der Zielgeraden und zuletzt wurde noch einmal ein kostenloser Held freigeschaltet.

Zum einen gibt es deshalb noch einmal einen Überblick über die Pledge Levels:

Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter Finale 1 Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter Finale 2 Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter Finale 3

Außerdem gab es zuletzt noch einmal drei neue Helden:

Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter Finale 4


A Sayx assault soldier. His assimilation process by the harvesters was interrupted during an attack on the necrofactory where he was being held. Half human, half machine, all his memories were lost in the transformation, anything before Zerobyte doesn’t matter anymore.


Since Kyra’s release from the operators she demonstrated a rebellious character, prone to disobedience. Never seeing her integration into the Ares army as a liberation, for her it was nothing but a change in the color of her armor. When the independence wars ended, Kyra decided to enjoy true freedom. The freedom to wear the uniform of the enemy if necessary.

Val’n Dorr

Val’n Dorr grew up in a troubled colony. As the daughter of diplomats she learned from a young age that an open mind that can adapt to the situation is more likely to survive than unwavering loyalty. Her father sent her to study at an Ares military academy, where she learned to use weapons. No one better than him knew that diplomacy has its limits.

Bei Beasts of War gab es zuletzt eine kleine Fragerunde mit den Entwicklern:

Die Kampagne läuft noch knapp 2 Tage.

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