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Eden: Mehr Angels of Dante

Der Starter der Angels of Dante ist komplett!

Eden Dante Andras


No self respecting Tyrant is without his executioner. The Angels of Dante appreciate spectacular, public executions just like the medieval times of the pre-apocalyptic age.
Well versed in the art of brutal dismemberment, Andras can turn murder in a gruesome spectacle, a tribute death. Although its a natural-instinct for killing that makes him so more then any sense or artistic sense.

A barrel of a man, he cares not why someone has been brought before him, it’s just another outlet for his sadistic instincts. With a gruesome temper, lacking any sense of respect for anything or anyone, only the presence of a seraphim stops him from becoming just another psychopath to roam the wastelands. On Eden, it’s easier to hunt as a pack however and as long as they provide him with a steady stream of victims, he is more then happy to fight for them.

Write by Jim Gaudin and translated by Jamie Parsons
Drawing sylvain guinebaud, color set by Sébastien Lamirand

Eden Dante Zagan

Zagan, séraphin

The Angels of Dante believe that rage is not a sin but a divine reminder of man’s mortality. Hence the name of Zagan’s bike. As this engine of death sends him kareening into ennemies at breakneck speed, his just retribution can be felt in hell as a cacophony of shattering bones and bloody screams. The Seraphin is rage incarnate and with it he intends to purge this land of any vermin that dare cross his path.

Ruling over his band of disciples with an iron fist, he lets the miles flow beneath his mount as it brings him closer to more enemies for him to crush. Zagan will never stop at the same place twice and as long as his hellish steed with carry him, his battle-cry will continue to terrorise mankind from the beaches of Bretagne to the Carpathian mountains.

Write by Jim Gaudin and translated by Jamie Parsons
Drawing sylvain guinebaud, color set by Sébastien Lamirand

Eden ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner TinBitz erhältlich.

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