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Dystopian Wars: Neue Releases

Spartan Games haben ihre kommenden Neuheiten für Dystopian Wars angekündigt.

Dystopian Wars Eclipse Company 1

The powerful air Brigades of the Honourable Eclipse Company are becoming a common sight around the world, as canny or desperate military commanders and politicians empty their coffers to employ these highly trained and well-armed specialists. The mighty Elysium Class hybrid airship forms the core of this set’s strength. This versatile vessel carries a swarm of stout Horten Kestrel and Sparrowhawk combat aeroplanes, as well as impressive firepower; capacious bomb bays, serried broadside automatic cannons and, most significantly, the notorious (and very loud!) Armstrong Earth Shaker cannon.

A trio of Phoenician Scout airships fly in support. These flamboyant craft pack heavy firepower of their own, with a brace of heavy cannon and substantial bomb-load, making them equally threatening to air and surface targets. More agile striking power is provided by the Oceanus and Hades class battle aeroplanes, the mainstay of the HEC’s aerial support forces. The large, sturdy Oceanus is a long-range strike bomber, though its automatic cannon fittings make it a tough prospect in aerial combat.

The exceptionally swift Hades is a consummate aerial hunter, its skilled pilots adept at weaving through enemy counter-fire to deliver stinging punishment with their braces of cannon and machine guns. Together, these formidable craft form a powerful air Brigade. The HEC prides itself on service without prejudice, so whatever your faction, they will be willing to give their all in battle…for a suitable fee, of course! Be sure to hire a Brigade to support your core forces.

Dystopian Wars Eclipse Company 2

The Honourable Eclipse Company operates worldwide, and has come to see the value of not associating with any single major power. Its Brigades are commonly based in backwater areas or even offshore and most often in specially designed military structures, such as the solidly built and very well armed Tartarus Class Fortification home. Based on designs frequently used for oil drilling and mining in inhospitable regions, the Tartarus’s well-appointed accommodation and ample stores are heavily defended by formidable weaponry; the structure quite literally bristles with automatic cannons and machine guns.

Many Tartarus Fortifications mount Generator equipment at their cores; some have shielding arrays, while others harbour the deadly power of the uranium-fuelled pulse engine. For sea-based structures, further security is provided by swarms of Stingray mini-submarines, whose alert crews rush to their stations at the first sign of attack by enemy naval forces. Tartarus towers inevitably have a stout security cordon girdling them, whose strongest redoubts are the Gadeiros Class Fortifiication. These resilient bunkers are outfitted with docks for Stingray submarines where necessary and a cluster of tough Gadeiros installations can break the back of enemy raiders. Furthermore, they can be erected by HEC Brigades on-site where needed, especially when they are working on long-running contracts. These vital bases give crucial support for your HEC forces, and can make a fine addition to a Dystopian Wars terrain collection in their own right.

Dystopian Wars Objectives

There are times during a game that capturing and holding objectives can be vitally important to a player. There are other times when capturing an objective can quite simply generate a random game event, sometimes good and other times bad! This Dystopian Wars Battlefield Objective Set is designed to enhance gameplay by providing players with stylised objectives to capture, with the 30 Game Event Cards providing a colourful mechanic for randomising what happens when an Objective is secured. The Objectives will also feature heavily as a game mechanic for upcoming Campaign and Scenario settings.

Dystopian Wars ist unter anderem bei unseren Partnern Fantasy-In und Fantasyladen erhältlich.

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  • Sehr schöner Release, da werd ich nur schwer wiederstehen können, wenn man nur wüsste wie die neuen Regeln sind.

  • Man kann es nicht glauben, aber den Designern von Spartan Games fällt immer noch was neues ein. Die Zeppeline und Flugzeuge der Eclipse-Company finde ich allesamt extrem gut gelungen. Vor allem der fliegende Carrier mach echt was her. Auch die Bodeneinheiten sind mal was anderes, da will ich aber erstmal was über die Regeln lesen.

    Ich würde mir ja wünschen, dass die mal die Luftpiraten aus „Capt’n Balu“ ins Dystopian Wars Setting verfrachten. Deren Eisengeier-Flugcarrier müsste doch perfekt in das Universum passen

  • Ich finde die erinnern mich irgend wie and Bio Shok Infinite, erstens die Figuren bei den Schiffen, dann die Leuchturme, aufjedenfall werd ich mir die kaufen 🙂

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