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DGS Games: Die Kuzaarik sind da

Von DGS Games kommen die Zwerge der Kuzaarik für das hauseigene System „Freeblades“.

Forge Warden

DGS Games_Kuzaarik 1

Proving oneself as a warrior serves only as a first step to elevation to Forge Warden. A would-be Warden must also prove himself loyal to the people. It begins by catching the eye of a Senior Agent in the Prejudicial Diplomatic Corps. Under the scrutiny and tutelage of the Senior Agent, the candidate’s loyalty and resolve are tested. Once deemed worthy, the rank earns them the honor of holding Trusted Positions, such as protecting the High Forges or leading Freebands beyond the borders of Kuzaarl.

Preis: 6,49 USD


DGS Games_Kuzaarik 2

Sometimes a path chosen, sometimes assigned by the Obligations Committee to atone for some minor crime, the life of an Explorer is rarely easy. They may walk the boundaries of Kuzaarik lands, delve into the Lost Cities to recover artifacts of value, or search for new veins of ore. The sheer cliffs they must traverse in their travels can be the least of their worries, for the fearsome Vekul will feast on an unwary Explorer.

Preis: 6,49 USD

Field Agent

DGS Games_Kuzaarik 3

The Prejudicial Diplomatic Corps was originally created to supply agents abroad and ambassadors to foreign powers. In recent times, however, the organization has turned its focus inward. Most Agents can now be found within various aspects of Kuzaarik society. They are tasked with monitoring, watching, reporting and sometimes even judging the actions of their fellow citizens. Compliance with the strict laws and edicts of the High Council is now the PDC’s primary responsibility. While their presence may make some nervous, a savvy Warden welcomes their addition to a Freeband, as Agents have a variety of skills that are most useful.

Preis: 6,49 USD


DGS Games_Kuzaarik 4

As implacable as they are heavily armored, the Hinterguard are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. The armored advance of a Hinterguard unit is the literal hammer that smashes the enemy against the anvil of the Wayblocker formations. Able to shrug off the mightiest blows, they are highly valued companions whether on the battlefield or in a Freeband.

Preis: 6,49 USD


DGS Games_Kuzaarik 5

Once the Kryomancer Guild found themselves at the heart of Kuzaarik industry, for only through their enchantments and power could the Cold Forges operate. With the death of the Great Cities and the seizure of the last Cold Forge by the High Council, the Kryomancer Guild lost much of its influence. Kryomancers are now forced to seek other means of making a living. Some hire out to Freebands, others become advisors to various Guildmasters. While these more mundane roles chafe with many, they know the edict “All Must Serve” is no idle threat.

Preis: 6,49 USD


DGS Games_Kuzaarik 6

While not terribly long ranged, the double crossbow wielded by the Quarrelers is the ideal weapon for defensive formations and garrisons alike. This quality made it an easy choice as a State Weapon. A trained Quarreler can maintain a withering rate of fire that will thin the ranks of the advancing enemy and make them reconsider their previous course of action.

Preis: 6,49 USD


DGS Games_Kuzaarik 7

Mostly comprised of younger Kuzaarik fulfilling their mandatory military service requirement, the Wayblocker formations are the heart of the Kuzaarik military force. The weapons and armor issued to the young warriors are theirs for life. They must be maintained and returned to the State by the family upon the death of the soldier. Many Wayblockers march into battle chanting the names of those who have worn their armor before them.

Preis: 6,49 USD

Link: DGS Games


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  • einige der Minis könnte ich mir gut für Warmachine bzw. das Iron Kingdom RPG vorstellen.
    Besonders den Forge Warden finde ich schick.
    So als ehemaliger Offizier der Wintergarde … 😉

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