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Darklands: Neuheiten im Dezember

Es gibt nochmal neue Monster und Helden von Darklands.

Darklands Ciniod, Umaer of Dun Durn

The Albainn have suffered in the past – due simply to a lack of miniatures to use – but all that is changing, as they’re getting a release a month just like the other kindreds! This time around we have an Umaer of Dun Durn, a warchief, called Ciniod; sculpted by Olivier Nkweti from the artwork by Sam Lamont and painted by Martin Grandbarbe, he’s a cracking little miniature well able to lead your painted ones!

Das Modell kostet 12,99 Pfund.

Darklands Broga, Wereofor Thegn

Broga is from another realm of the Angelcynn, Eofora, which is effectively today’s East Anglia. The Eoforas are mostly pagan although many are Christian, and unlike many realms all beliefs are tolerated. The pagan Eoforas are allies of the Miercna and many Wereofor – boar-men, like Broga – find a welcome in their hosts, and especially when they fight common enemies. Painted by Sébastien Picque and sculpted by Valentin Zak from the artwork by Christophe Madura, Broga is a cracking miniature and the very first boar-man miniature for Darklands!

Das Modell kostet29,99 Pfund.

Darklands Mag ap Mag, Prifdynwocor of Powys

Mag ap Mag is another first, for he is warchief of the Dynwocor or jabberwock-men, and he fights for other Brythoniaid realms as much as he does for Powys; for he hates the Saesneg and the Wyddelig and the Norseg as much as the rest. Sculpted beautifully by Roberto Chaudon from the artwork by Christophe Madura, and painted masterfully by Sébastien Picque, Mag ap Mag is a must for any Brythoniaid player!

Das Modell kostet 24,99 Pfund.

Darklands Agathae, Signifer

A Signifer of Legio II Var, the lovely Agathae – sculpted by Yannick Hennebo from the artwork by Steve Pierce, and painted by Martin Grandbarbe – is a cracking miniature and one of only three Byzantii miniatures yet released. Like the Albainn, the Byzantii are a relatively new kindred to Darklands, but that’s all changing – watch out for more satanic romans next month!

Das Modell kostet 12,99 Pfund.

Darklands Naraa, Tain of Baalor

Jacques-Alexandre Gillois is a master of sculpting our Fomoraic miniatures and he never disappoints. The cold and beautiful Naraa, sculpted by him from the artwork by Stefan Kopinski and painted by Sébastien Picque, is a fantastic addition to the Baalor realm and another showcase for Jacques‘ talent!

Das Modell kostet 12,99 Pfund.

Darklands Xontór, Gorgon of Khthon

The snake-men of the Khthones, the Gorgones, have another warlord to lead them in the four-armed shape of Xontór the Gorgon. Armed to the teeth and armoured with teeth, Xontór has been sculpted by Stéphane Simon from the artwork by Beth Hughes and painted brilliantly by Sébastien Picque. Watch out, the Atalantes!

Das Modell kostet 34,99 Pfund.

Darklands Knútr of Víkin, Skipari of Hrafnen on Foot

The talent of Allan Carrasco is simply amazing to behold. Knútr of Víkin, our Norse longship skipper, is a thing of beauty; sculpted by him from the artwork by Danny Cruz, and painted by Martin Grandbarbe, human miniatures just don’t get any better than this. Except when you see Knútr on Horse, of course…

Das Modell kostet 12,99 Pfund.

Darklands Zethag of Carn Dhu, Harvest-Drune

Sculpted by Stéphane Simon from artwork by Danny Cruz, and painted by Martin Grandbarbe, Zethag of Carn Dhu is brilliantly disgusting and foul and rank and horrid; the blood spittle on her mouth is a particularly brilliant feature, we think, but we also love what’s around her waist and in her hands. She’s obviously just swallowed some, and wants some more!

Das Modell kostet 12,99 Pfund.

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  • Wie gewohnt hohe Qualität und super bemalung. Die Preise sind zwar auch nicht schlecht, aber wenn man bedenkt was GW für ihren Failcast-Schrott haben möchte doch noch im Rahmen.

  • Gut, dass ich bei mehreren Kickstartern schwer zugeschlagen habe – die regulären Preise sind trotz der wirklich hohen Design- und Gußqualität schon recht hoch. Es sind halt eher hochwertige Sammler- und Vitrinenminiaturen als klassische Spielminis für große Armeen.

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