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Dark Age: Neuheiten

Auch für Dark Age gibt es wieder neue Modelle.

Dark Age Worm Shepherd

Skarrd/Heretic Worm Shepherd (1) $11,99

From the twisted ranks of the Grafters comes a new breed of psychopath: The Worm Shepherd. This abomination has psychogenically evolved to control and raise the malignant Drillheads, using his powers of domination and fear to bring the already fearsome creatures to new levels of effectiveness.

Dark Age Skarrd Blazon

Skarrd Blazon (1) $9,99

Rising to make a name for herself, even among the bloody society of the Skarrd, Blazon brings a new tactical clarity to the battlefield as of yet unseen in her kind. Whether she is leading a pack of Buzzblades, Bolas, or deranged Harpies, Blazon can bolster each of these troop types in unique ways- forcing the Buzzblades into a cannibalistic fury, enhancing the Bolas coordinated strikes, or riling a Harpy flock into a whirling frenzy of death.

Dark Age ANG-1E

Skarrd ANG-1E (1) $9,99


For years Jon Woe has sought to create a grafted construct to awe the Tribal Fathers of the Skarrd, most notably the Heretic Saint Johann. After these many years of scavenging and experimentation Jon now believes he has created his masterpiece- the ANG-1E. Born from his fallen companion, the Sister of Charity Angie, this grafted engine of destruction faithfully follows Jon in his travels, sowing death and reaping new parts for her insane master.

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  • Hatten halt viel besseres in letzter Zeit. Wirken wie Modelle aus den alten Zeiten von DA.

    Und, ja, leider wurde das (noch) nicht breit angenommen hier. Manchmal möchte man doch in Ami sein…

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