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Counterblast: Die Edofleini

Airlock Games haben die dritte Fraktion für Counterblast vorgestellt – Die Edofleini.


Counterblast_Edofleini1 counterblast_edofleini2 Counterblast_Edofleini3

Strange cephalopods with bizarre mental powers, the Edofleini have recently emerged from the farthest voids of space to invade the known galaxy. What has brought them to the Milky Way is unknown and their motives are uncertain, but encounters with the Edo, as they are more commonly called, are sure to provoke hostilities. Linked as a race to the cosmic flux through bioengineering and wielding exotic arc technology, the Edo potential for menace is high. So far, neither the Galactic Defense Force or the Neiran Empire have been able to communicate with them successfully. Fortunately their forces encountered to date have been small, but some military experts fear these groups are merely scouting missions for a much, much larger force.

Link: Airlock Games

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