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Bushido: Neue Previews

GCT Studios zeigen neue Artworks für Bushido.

Bushido Hanami, Queen of Flowers - Silvermoon Trade Syndicate

Hanami, Queen of Flowers – Silvermoon Trade Syndicate

The head of the Jade Rose has always been the Hanami, Queen of Flowers, the identity of the Queen is never known, for the Roses never go by a real name from the moment they join the sisterhood of the Jade Rose. Despite there having been many Hanamis over the years one thing remains constant, she is always the most beautiful and attractive woman in the Jwar Isles, or even the whole of the Golden Empire. She is the embodiment of grace as she moves sensually, almost gliding, drawing all but the strongest of wills under her thrall, toying with them, a cat with mice, unescapably trapped by her bewitching allure. Those lucky or unlucky enough to receive a Kiss from the Rose are known to lose control of their actions entirely, impotent to her will.

Bushido Penanggalan - Cult of Yurei

Penanggalan – Cult of Yurei

The Vampiric Yokai is yet another nightmare made flesh by the weakening of the balance. These parasitic monsters only purpose is to move from one victim to the next, draining the host of blood whilst riding the body in search of its next prey. From a distance it is hard to work out the unnatural, jerky movements of the poor soul’s body the Penanggalan uses to get close. By the time danger is confirmed the Penanggalan has either trapped its victim in its stare, or uncoiled from its host with shocking speed and wrapped its long tendril around the hapless soul, incapacitating them and allowing it to feed and then inhabit the body, wearing the corpse like a cheap kimono so easily discarded when its use is served.

Quelle: GCT Studios


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  • Bei Penanggalan bin ich auf die Mini gespannt. Eine fast gleiche Mini gibt es auch bei Malifaux, da ist aber kein Körper mehr dabei.

  • Das erste Mal vom Penanggalan habe ich gehört aus dem Webcomic ‚Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic‘

    Interessant fand ich das es Mythenwesen aus Südostasien sind.

    Hier das Comic:
    Nicht das erste Auftreten der Penanggalan, aber der der erste ernshafte.
    Sehr schönes Comic.

    Ich bin auf jeden Fall an der Penggalan interessiert!

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