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Beyond the Gates of Antares: Schwere Waffen

Warlord Games zeigt neue Unterstützungswaffen für Beyond the Gates of Antares.


BtGoA_Support1 BtGoA_Support2 BtGoA_Support3 BtGoA_Support4

This time we have a bit of a round up of the work we’ve been doing on crewed support weapons for the Antares project. As you will see, all of these are digital designs, so what we have to show you are graphic renders rather than the traditional putty and plastic master models. When it comes to reproducing mechanical shapes, the digital process offers many advantages, so we have found it an ideal method for making things like these mobile support weapons.

I call these ‘support’ weapons because that is essentially what they are – mobile weaponry that is capable of deploying and operating alongside regular fighting troops. Larger versions are referred to as ‘heavy’ weapons, and these are generally less mobile and more likely to be used for bombardment and especially to attack fixed positions. Our work so far has given us a selection of support weapons for the Algoryn Prosperate, including crew, and a heavy weapon – strictly speaking a piece of heavy equipment – for the Boromites.

Link: Warlord Games

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  • Bißl lange Arme, oder?
    Gerade der Herr links auf dem linken Bild scheint da Arm-mäßig sehr gut bestückt zu sein.
    Das wirkt mM auch nicht nur durch die knieende Position so

      • „The Algoryn are descended from root human types over many generations. They lack hair upon their heads, which are instead covered with crest-like keratinous growths. Similar nodules of keratin form a thick scaly layer upon their exposed flesh. This dense protective layer shields the Algoryn against the harsh rays of the twin suns of Algorya, which periodically bathe the planet in dangerous levels of heat and radiation. With that basic idea in mind we’ve worked to create a distinctive look that combines regular human anatomy with a unique twist, as you can see from these early concept renders.“


  • Das sieht gut aus, besonders das Mörser-Set mit der Spotter-Drohne hat es mir angetan. Der Fragger hat auch Stil, nur eine „mobile“ Version hätte mir besser gefallen.

    • Im Grunde ganz konventionell. Warlord Games hat die Rechte gekauft und plant, demnächst Beta Regeln zu veröffentlichen

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