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Adventskalender 2014: 17. Türchen

Heute wird es im Adventskalender schaurig-dämonisch!

Advent Giant Chaos daemon with over 800 mantic zombies 3 Advent Giant Chaos daemon with over 800 mantic zombies 2 Advent Giant Chaos daemon with over 800 mantic zombies 1 Advent Giant Chaos daemon with over 800 mantic zombies 4

Advent Giant Chaos daemon with over 800 mantic zombies 6 Advent Giant Chaos daemon with over 800 mantic zombies 5

In die gewaltige Dämonenstatue wurden über 800 Zombies von Mantic Games eingearbeitet.

Your probably wondering what the hell this thing is.

Well for a start its taller than a reaver titan and has more individual figures on it than most imperial guard armies. Some of you may have seen it on the mantic page a few months back.

Allow me to give it some context.

I recently graduated from university having done a sculpting, holding and casting course. The piece on sale here is the culmination of my final year project. Taking nearly a year to make the figure was sculpted in plasticine and cast into fiber-glass resin so its a strong solid figure that can support its own weight. The vials in the back are indeed glass and the liquid inside is still liquid (its not real blood, i’m not that sort of artist). I’ve included a work in progress shot to prove its origins.

As you can see from the title it does contain over 800 mantic undead figures making up the arms and legs. Designed as a wargaming piece, the nature of art university has meant that it has been shown in galleries alongside artists such as Geiger, so if you wanted it as an art piece you would be more than welcome. This is a one off piece, the hold has since been destroyed so no chance of more being made.

It hurts a little bit to sell but my days of warhammer have subsided and it would bring me great satisfaction in knowing that it could still go on to tower over a massive game as the avatar of destruction it represents.

While not faction specific i can see the figure being used for chaos, undead or even the work of a radical (i mean really radical) inquisitor.

Due to the nature of the work I can only really accept collection (would you put this in a mail van? I didn’t think so) though given the price  I may be able to arrange a personal delivery if its not over a sea or ocean.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions

Das Modell wird derzeit bei ebay versteigert, ist mit 950 Pfund aber nicht gerade billig.

Quelle: Das Modell bei Ebay


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