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Warmachine: Leichte Retribution Warjacks

Die Elfen von Ios rüsten um und deshalb gibt es die leichten Warjacks jetzt aus Plastik.

Privateer Press Warmachine Light Warjack Plastic Chimera Privateer Press Warmachine Light Warjack Plastic Gorgon Privateer Press Warmachine Light Warjack Plastic Griffon

The Chimera has an unsettling appearance as its active power field makes its form blur and fade. Once it nears the enemy, a Chimera becomes a delivery device for its warcaster’s most powerful arcane powers, channeled across its arc node. The Chimera will strike and kill with its scything arm-mounted glaives, then vanish as nearby soldiers turn to desperately engage it. With a flicker of blended light it appears behind them to deliver arcane death.

The Gorgon exists to dictate the flow of battle by depriving the enemy of mobility. Its integral force cannon unleashes blasts of energy capable of forestalling an enemy’s forward momentum. Its more powerful fields require close proximity, and the Gorgon will rush forward to seize even larger and more powerful ’jacks or myrmidons to pin them in place. While its force-locked prey struggles to extract itself, the Gorgon deals punishing blows with its arm-mounted glaives.

The Griffon is a sleek and fast myrmidon, designed for swift flanking maneuvers. Its power field enables the Griffon to become near-weightless for short intervals, allowing for long, loping strides before it strikes home with its powerful halberd. By judicious use of this field the Griffon can negotiate marshy terrain, dense undergrowth or other obstacles.

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