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Warlord Games: Force of Arms

Warlord Games haben zahlreiche Miniaturen von Force of Arms übernommen.

Force of Arms Truck Force of Arms Truck 2 Force of Arms Panzer

Warlord Games are delighted to announce we have purchased a significant number of 1:56 scale vehicles and guns from Force of Arms and will be adding them to our award-winning Bolt Action range.

“The opportunity to expand our already large stable of resin vehicles with items we were planning to have made was too good an opportunity to pass up”, says Paul Sawyer of Warlord Games. Adding in vehicles to support the early stages of WWII and The Winter War as well as the interwar period, these will also appeal to those wargamers enjoying the A Very British Civil War setting.”.

John Bruce, owner of Force of Arms, says “I am pleased that this sale ensures these excellent models continue to be available to wargamers world wide. They are a exciting fit to the already comprehensive package on offer from Warlord Games. Force of Arms will now be specialising in the period 1946 – to the end of the Cold War, and expects to bring some interesting models to the market in the near future”

Bolt Action ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner Fantasy-In erhältlich.

Link: Warlord Games


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  • Kann auf jeden Fall nicht schaden, wenn dadurch mehr Modelle auf recht einfachem Weg zugänglich wären. So weit ich weiß, sind ja die Bolt Action Figuren auch keine Erfindung von Warlord Games, sondern wurden ursprünglich von der Firma „Bolt Action Miniatures“ hergestellt, die WG dann aufnahm. o.o

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