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Pyre Studios: Cambric Miniature

Pyre Studio zuletzt mit ihrem Kickstarter erfolgreich, ermöglichen es Interessenten die vorfinanzierte Miniatur auch so zu erstehen!


I have received emails from quite a few people wishing to “buy into” the Cambric miniature even though the campaign is now closed. Initially reluctant I am now inclined to do so by perhaps making a limited number available for those who missed them first time around. Instead of making all of the perks available I have selected four of them and altered their price. These would be treated as a discounted “pre-order” and would have certificates for the production run rather than the Indiegogo run. They would be pitched at;

$25: Full Cambric LE Kit: Unpainted
$95: Full Cambric LE Kit: Painted
$180: Complete Series 1 (12 Miniatures and Monsters): Unpainted
$450: Complete Series 1 (12 Miniatures and Monsters): Painted

These are discounted against the RRP of the retail product by between 35%-75% and include free worldwide shipping.

Quelle: Pyre Studios


... hat mehrere tausend Punkte Zwerge, Chaos, Tiermenschen und jetzt -Mantic sei gedankt!- auch noch Untote, Elfen bei sich herumkullern. Dummerweise ist das eher ein Sammeln, denn ein Bemalen, geschweige denn benutzen. In letzter Zeit bemüht er sich aber, die Berge an Plastik auch sinnvoller Verwendung zu zuführen... ;)

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