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Pulp City: Weitere Artworks

Der Kickstarter rückt näher, für den Moment gibt es neue Artworks.

Pulp City Yeti

The Jade Emperor found this creature high in the snow shrouded Himalayas. Through arcane rituals or more mundane torture these creatures have been bound into service of the Emperor for countless centuries.

The Yeti is a fearsome combatant and serves as the Jade Cult Powerhouse. He attacks swiftly and with unmatched ferocity then fades into night. His terrifying howl is often the last sound heard by an enemy of the Jade Cult.

Pulp City Lt Mark A. Ferguson

When people think of Heavy Metal’s leader C.O.R.E. they think of the massive AI created by the military.They picture the mechanical bodies he creates from common electronics in the blink of an eye. They think of a frightening computer with vast powers. What they don’t think of is friendship and compassion.

Lt. Mark A. Ferguson is an perhaps the most talented Naval Aviator alive. After winning the Top Gun trophy he continued to distinguish himself. C.O.R.E. contacted him to discuss the strategies and tactics of aerial combat and the two became fast friends. C.O.R.E. was very much inspired and awed by Lt. Ferguson and offered him a position in Heavy Metal. Together they designed an suit that with Ferguson in comand ensured the Heavy Metal ruled the skies of Pulp City. Lt. Mark A. Ferguson is now known to most as Tomcat.

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