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Mega Man: Brettspiel Kickstarter kommt!

Für viele Leser dürfte der Blaue Ballermann ein Held ihrer Kindheit sein. Jetzt kriegt er ein Brettspiel und einen Kickstarter.

Mega Man the Board Game 2

Coming soon! The Megaman board game!

In 2013, Capcom and Jasco Games became licensing partners for the exciting property of Megaman! Megaman, who is celebrating his 25th anniversary, is already making his way to debut into the Universal Fighting System universe, with collectible tins that feature both Megaman and Protoman. However, not too far in the near future, Jasco Games will be producing a board game for Megaman. You’ll take control of your favorite hero, and battle Dr. Wily and his forces of evil robots!

Stay tuned to this site as we will update it regularly with updates to gameplay, graphics and of course when the game will be hitting shelves in stores near you!

Mega Man the Board Game 1 Mega Man the Board Game 3

Und für alle, die lieber ein klassisches PC-/Konsolenspiel möchte, der kann ja mal hier reinschauen: The Mighty No. 9

Quelle: Jasco Games


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