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Mars Attacks: Neue Infos

Jake Thornton hat in seinem Blog neue Infos zu Mars Attacks vorgestellt!

Zum einen gibt es ein neues Renderbild, das die leicht veränderte Version des ersten Marsianers zeigt:

Mars Attacks Marisianer Render adjustiert

The main differences are that the revised version is a bit less delicate. The first one is really lovely, but I’m not sure how much handling it would cope with. The revisions make it a bit more practical for the gaming table and also add more detail, mainly to the face. It’s hard to compare a grey render to a painted model though. Trust me. It’s for the best.  ;)

As you can see, we’re going for a bit bigger than the 15mm we originally discussed for this project. Well, maybe you can’t see as there are no size comparisons. Either way, you can take my word for it. These aren’t 15mils.

Quelle: Quirkworthy


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