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Kings of War: Diener der Natur

Mantic Games haben im Rahmen der Elfenwoche neue Modelle vorgestellt.

Zum einen gibt es die Green Lady, die mächtigste Heldin der Elfen:

Mantic Games The Forces of Nature

In battle, the Green Lady is at once a being of heart-breaking beauty and soul-rending terror. Her aspect shifts from one moment to the next so that the merest narrowing of her almond-shaped eyes can spell the transition from unearthly benevolence to raging fury. A figure of delicate, wisp-like grace, the Green Lady emanates the primal, feminine essence of nature. She is nurturing and loving to her kin, able to bolster the wavering heart or heal the ruined flesh with nothing so much as a healing glance. To her enemies and to those who would defile the land and her children, the Green Lady radiates fell power. She is at once the warm, summer sun and the howling winter gale, the giver of life, and the reaper of souls.

The Green Lady has been part of the world of Mantica for some time now, but it wasn’t until last year’s Kickstarter campaign that we set down the path that would result in the awesome miniature that will be available for advance order from Friday! She’s a Hero for the Elf force in Kings of War, but if you’d like to add some real flavour to your army you can use her additional rules from the Kings and Legends supplement (which also includes her full background), or throw in a few units from the Forces of Nature list in The Basilean Legacy.

Mantic Games Keris and Shaarlyot

Speaking of the Forces of Nature, did you know that Keris and Shaarlyot (two Living Legends from the Forces of Nature list) are now available from the new Mantic website in exchange for your hard-earned Mantic Points?

Kings of War ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner Radaddel erhältlich.

Quelle: Mantic Games

Link: Kings of War Kickstarter


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