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Kensei: Neuheiten im Januar

Zenit Miniatures zeigen die kommenden Neuheiten für Kensei.

Onna-Bushi – 19,95 Euro

Kensei Onna-Bushi

These warriors are trained since a very early age to serve the kuge in anything they wish. They are their favorite guard, so fanatical of their lords that even the samurai pale in comparison to their fervor. These warriors are experts in the use of the nanigata, with which they are armed since they can hold it.

Yari Samurai – 19,95 Euro

Kensei Yari Samurai

These are the samurai with the lowest rank in the clan. These samurai have a scarce salary and when they are not in war, they are forced to work together with the peasants that serve them. This kind work is not considered honorable, but survival makes them do it. Since they do not have as much time to train as those of higher ranks, they are armed with spears and they form more compact units, although they have their katana at their side.

Quelle: Zenit Miniatures


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