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Imbrian Arts: Neue Releases

Zwei Neuheiten von Imbrian Arts, Demonic Eye und der Rider.

Two new releases have been added to the online store. A cassowary rider for the desert people, the most fearsome creature in the set, and a demonic eye for the undead. Sculpted by the great Sebastian Archer!

Beide Modelle sind aus Metall hergestellt. Während das Dämonische Auge 10 Dollar kostet, müsst ihr für den Späher auf seinem Reittier 25 Dollar anlegen. Beide Modelle verfügen – für Interessierte – auch über eine kurze Hintergrundgeschichte:

A demon eye is a magical creation born of treachery and a grotesquely malign will. If a demon displeases his master, or if the sorcerer is particularly cruel and is willing to discard its servants in his effort to enact some sort of dark augury, it may feed the demon a potion wrought with necromantic and demonic power. The demon will under grow a painful transformation. A single eye will start to grow and continue to thusly until the skull encasing it cracks and breaks away. A pair of feeble wings sprout from the bloody orb and gain strength by thrashing about, flinging gore everywhere. Once fully grown, the eye immediately springs forth on its master’s errand, providing knowledge and a site, for that which is unseen, and that which may yet come to pass.

IA_Imbrian_Arts_Demonic_Eye_1 IA_Imbrian_Arts_Demonic_Eye_2

Scouts and outriders make frequent use of monstrous birds as mounts. They’re faster than any other land animal making them ideal for scouting and flanking manoeuvres, and their ill temperament and alert nature helps protect the riders from would be assailants. Only the most cunning predator would place itself within 6ft of its monstrous beak.

IA_Imbrian_Arts_Rider_1 IA_Imbrian_Arts_Rider_2

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Brückenkopf-Maskottchen, Todesrennen-Rennleiter und Aushilfsbespaßer. Im Zweifelsfall mit irgendeinem Diorama beschäftigt.

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