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Godslayer: Obsidian Nightmare

Megalith Games zeigen einen weiteren Warlord der Troglodytes.

Troglodytes faction Obsidian Nightmare

When the Black Maw consumed the Red Sun, the reality membrane between the Material and Shadow Planes burst, ripping open great gashes in the sky, and gloom spewed forth across the six worlds carrying within it denizens of Shadow. Some of the mightiest of these beings were accounted powerful lords in their native realm, and are today known to Mortals as Obsidian Nightmares.

Beneath the long dark robes and armor of iron they appear as nebulous shadows of humanoid shape. By their very nature, they exist in two worlds. Their shadowy nature renders them ethereal, and so they suffer only half damage from mundane weapons. Additionally, by gathering his ethereal tendrils about him, the Obsidian Nightmare is able to concentrate his essence, binding his wounds. Consequently the Obsidian Nightmare is a fiendishly challenging enemy to slay.

In battle they are terrifying masters of malice, possessing great size and wielding a massive two-handed flail which can crush a man even wearing thick armor.

To add yet further horror, the Nightmare is also a competent spellcaster, and can cast even when engaged in battle. He is also able to support his warband with a tactic giving himself and other models the Concealment ability.

The Obsidian Nightmare performs best as a spell-casting and support warlord, and he is also very effective in melee against standard troops, but he should be protected from enemy warlords and models with enchanted attacks (who ignore his ethereal ability).

Quelle: Megalith Games


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