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Godslayer: Amazonen Greens

Megalith zeigen wehrhafte Damen auf… Naja, Pferde sind es schon mal nicht, die haben nämlich keine Hörner. Aber schick sind sie auf alle Fälle.

Godslayer - Amazonenkav

The Amazons hold sway over the plains, steppe, and wastes bordering the Halodyne lands; these harsh environments hold few natural resources, numerous predators and untold enemies.

These hardened tribeswomen of the borderlands are and have always been nomads, driving their herds of cattle across the chaparral, grass and scrub astride the backs of their exotic mounts….

Besides roaming the borderlands, troops of Amazon warriors bear arms for the city-states and holy Temple-lands living as mercenaries.

War is every Amazons‘ most faithful companion, for their lands are encompassed by enemies.

Despite the hardships of their lifestyle, few Amazons would have it otherwise, for they love the open country they roam.

These verdant valleys and parched plains are the lands of their ancestors, where Venata once hunted and where the souls of their clan spirits reside.

To be Amazoni is to live unfettered beneath the endless skies, riding wherever the wanderlust takes one, with naught but ones sisters to care for.

To be Amazoni is to dance about the campfire by night to the seductive sounds of tambourine and flute.

And above all, to be Amazoni is to watch ones daughters lasso their first calf, string their first bow and slay their first enemy.

Godslayer ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner Fantasy-In  erhältlich.

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