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Dreamforge: Leviathan Mortis aus Plastik

Nach dem Leviathan Crusader (zu dem wir Euch morgen unser Review präsentieren), kommt nun auch der Mortis aus Plastik.

Leviathan Mortis Plastik 1 Leviathan Mortis Plastik 2 Leviathan Mortis Plastik 3 Leviathan Mortis Plastik 4

The Leviathan Mortis is now production ready! This was actually the first of the new generation of Leviathan I designed back in 2002… I still have a soft spot for the Mortis.

Unlike the old resin kits the fingers and scythe will remain completely poseable. Just like the Crusader, the Mortis is highly dynamic, arms move, legs move, waist moves…. great fun and ready for some smack down.

Das Modell soll in 3-4 Monaten erscheinen.

Quelle: Dreamforge Games


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