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DreadBall: Yndij Team

Mantic Games haben den dritten und letzten Teil des DreadBall Kickstarters verschickt. Aber es gibt schon Pläne für die Zukunft.

So wird es neue Teams geben, darunter die Yndij, ein aus Deadzone bekanntes Volk des Warpath-Universums.

Now that the DreadBall Kickstarter campaign is over, a lot of people are asking what’s next for the Futuristic Sports Game. Well, DreadBall Extreme (as mentioned in the closing pages of the Season 3 rulebook) is a little way off yet, but there’s something rather exciting coming along at the start of 2014 that will keep things interesting…

Dreadball Yndij  Team Konzept

The Yndij are a little-known race from the Outer Sphere, known to be hostile towards the GCPS, but every rule has an exception. A’teo „The Savage“ Adysi’s story has inspired countless vidcast serials and documentaries – after all, who could resist the tale of a feral savage who arrived in the Core without a single credit, looking to seek his fortune, only to rise to superstardom in the world of DreadBall?

As the only player of his race to tread the neodurium, Adysi (carefully managed by his sponsors in Carver, Inc.) does not have a home team, instead providing his services to anyone willing to pay his substantial hiring fee. He plays with untamed ferocity, and has generated a legion of fans who are crying out for more Yndij to join the game…

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