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Dream Forge Games: Neue Eisenkerntruppen

DreamForge haben weitere Bilder der Plastik-Stormtroopers vorgestellt, die einige der möglichen Posen zeigen.

DreamForge Stormtroopers 1 DreamForge Stormtroopers 2 DreamForge Stormtroopers 3

DreamForge Stormtroopers 4 DreamForge Stormtroopers 5 DreamForge Stormtroopers 6

To hell with your fluff, tell me a story with your miniatures.

Let’s face it, fluff is huge part of the draw to a game and should not be underestimated; when it comes time to play a game, what is more important the fluff or the visually striking miniatures that grace the gaming table.

There is only so much you can do with a base box set of miniatures before they start looking homogeneous. I love making special characters, miniatures that represent a scene or action, miniatures that tell a story through their pose or actions. With this in mind I created the Stormtrooper accessory set. This kit contains a massive number of parts, packs, pouches, accessories, heads, arms, hands and equipment so that you can tell your personal story and unlock your creative genius.

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