Color Warz: Kickstarter neu gestartet

Zu kompliziert, zu teuer… Color Warz starten ihren Kickstarter neu.

Color Warz - Chaman Color Warz - Chef Color Warz - Maxigolem Color Warz - Minigolem

Hello Backers,

These last 27 days, we worked hard to propose you the best campaign we can. We did a huge start with £10,000 in one day but only £8,000 in the following 26 days. We count today 135 backers but we have lost around 30 of you. As you can see in the Kicktraq, if we do nothing, staying in this situation, we will not reach our goal at the end of the campaign.

We have too many pledges (15) and our offers are not clear at all. We wanted to make the best choice for you but we did wrong. For all of these reasons, we decided to make a reboot. We know that we might lose some of you but we have to be objective. Without a reboot, we won’t make it. So, we will come back this week with a clearer offer and a campaign focused on gamers.

But you do not have to worry if you are a hobbyist. All of our miniatures will be available on the new optionnal stuff, without locking. So, if you are a painter, a collector or a tabletop gamer, you will find what you need with a Kickstarter special discount. We will also make one and only one VIP offer but it will be nice, very nice. We hope to see you in our new Color Warz : Dark Threat campaign.

We count on you !

Fabien [FLUO Games]

Der neue Kickstarter ist deutlich schlanker und übersichtlicher aufgestellt, die Backer können zwischen verschiedenen Kombinationen der Brettspiele wählen und Miniaturen als Extras dazukaufen. Außerdem gibt es eine klare Liste mit Stretch Goals, die teilweise auch kostenlose Modelle beinhalten.

Color Warz : Dark Threat is the Color Warz : Paint Brawl sequel.

This new game stages an epic battle between the colors unified around the Chosen One to the Wooden King and his black paint. This two players board game proposes an asymmetric gameplay: each player has different abilities and characters. The players don’t have the same goals. It’s a standalone game with some bridges with the previous boardgame: Paint Brawl.


So sehen die Pledge-Levels aus:

Color Warz Dark Threat Pledges 1 Color Warz Dark Threat Pledges 2 Color Warz Dark Threat Pledges 3 Color Warz Dark Threat Pledges 4

Mit dem neuen Ansatz könnte das Spiel deutlich erfolgreicher laufen.

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