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Center Stage Miniatures: Augustneuheiten

Neun neue Miniatuen von Center Stage Miniatures im August. Bunt gemischt geht es einmal durch die ganze Fantasywelt, von Mensch über Meerjungfrau bis Dämon:

Glacial Devil $14.95
Female Paladin in Plate Mail $3.29
Demon VI $31.95
Demon IV $16.95
Rotting Overlord of Daemons $29.95
Geryon, Lord of the Damned $29.95
Telza the Gnome $6.95
Dark Mermaid Princess $8.95
The Lich King $8.95

CSM_Center_stage_Miniatures_Augustneuheiten_1 CSM_Center_stage_Miniatures_Augustneuheiten_2 DCSM_Center_stage_Miniatures_Augustneuheiten_3 DCSM_Center_stage_Miniatures_Augustneuheiten_4 DCSM_Center_stage_Miniatures_Augustneuheiten_5 DCSM_Center_stage_Miniatures_Augustneuheiten_6 DCSM_Center_stage_Miniatures_Augustneuheiten_7 DCSM_Center_stage_Miniatures_Augustneuheiten_8 DCSM_Center_stage_Miniatures_Augustneuheiten_9

One of hell’s greater devils, the Glacil Devils hail from the frozen layer, bringing forth their legions, who fight with long, razor-sharp spears.

Demon VI, or Balor, was loosely taken from mythology. In Irish folklore, Balor of the Evil Eye (sometimes spelled Balar or Bolar) was a king of the Fomorians, a race of giants. His father was Buarainech and his wife was Cethlenn. According to legend, he lived on Tory Island.

These boar-headed and winged demons make up the middle-echelon of the rank-and-file of Hell’s legions.

The overlord of Daemons, this monstrosity is neither demon or devil, but something equally wicked and in between. He is the overlord of all beings who are „neutral,“ in their views of evil, often embracing the chaos yet sometimes the lawful side of darkness. This makes them particularly unpredictable and dangerous.

In the Inferno, the first part of Italian poet Dante’s Divine Comedy epic, Geryon has become the Monster of Fraud, a winged beast with the face of an honest man, the paws of a lion, the body of a wyvern, and a poisonous sting at the tip of his tail.[14] He dwells somewhere in the depths below the cliff between the seventh and eighth circles of Hell (the circles of violence and simple fraud, respectively.)

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Brückenkopf-Maskottchen, Todesrennen-Rennleiter und Aushilfsbespaßer. Im Zweifelsfall mit irgendeinem Diorama beschäftigt.

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