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Bushido: Guardsman of Ryu

Feuerkraft für die Welt von Bushido!

Run from the explosive power of the Guardsman of the Dragon Clan Bushido

Whether with yari or the fabled Arquebus the ashigaru stationed at Ryu are staunchly loyal to the Takashi and will defend their clan to the death. They are trained and drilled relentlessly to ensure that in battle they act and react instinctively, unflinching as they wait for orders from their Gunso or samurai commanders. The Arquebusers see it as such an honor to be picked into the regiment that it is said that they even take them on their final journey to Hantaisoku. The fear their weapons create is rightly deserved as there is little that can stand up to the raw power, steel, wood and fire fused into this fearsome device.

Quelle: GCT STudios


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