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Bolt Action: Zwei neue Panzer

Warlord Games haben zwei neue Panzer vorgestellt.

Den Anfang macht der T-34/85 der Russen. Diese Modell besteht aus Plastik und kommt als Bausatz.

Plastic Soviet T34 85 Plastic Soviet T34 85 2

The T-34 series, with its sloping armour, changed the principles of tank design during the war. The sloping, angular layout of the T-34 increased the effective armour thickness, and also saw a larger proportion of shells deflected away than penetrated its armour. The introduction of the T-34 into action saw German tank design follow suit with similarly angled armour on the likes of the Panther and King Tiger. As German tank design came to the fore,  the Soviet war machine once again raised the bar with the T-34/85.

The T-34/85, the very symbol of Soviet military strength in the Second World War, had a new turret to house the more powerful 85mm ZiS gun. A supremely rugged and reliable tank, the T-34/85 had excellent off-road capability, especially in the marshland or snow of the Eastern Front, and was easy for the crew to operate and maintain.

Das zweite Modell ist der amerikanische M26 Pershing. Dieses Modell besteht aus Resin und Metall.

US M26 Pershing heavy tank 1 US M26 Pershing heavy tank 2

The M26 Pershing heavy tank was used by US forces in the later stages of WWII, fairly equal in firepower and protection to both the Tiger and Panther tanks this is a welcome addition for US commanders.

Der T-34 kostet 18,00 Pfund, der M26 liegt bei 25,00 Pfund.

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  • Ach ja, der T-34/85.

    Ich mag das Design der Sovjetpanzer im WW II sehr gerne und da ist der T-34 ganz vorne mit dabei. Eventuell lege ich mir das Modell ja einfach so zu, auch wenn ich Bolt Action jetzt nicht spiele…

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