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Bolt Action: SAS long range Jeeps

Warlord Games machen mobil.

SAS long range Jeeps (Western Desert) SAS long range Jeeps (Western Desert) B

We’ve had our resin Willys Jeeps converted by Warlord’s own Darek Wyrozebski to make these SAS Jeeps that raided behind the Axis lines.  Cluttered with all manner of kit and the essential jerry cans full of water or fuel, these are superbly detailed representations of the vehicles SAS founder David Stirling’s lads used to such great affect in the campaign in the Western Desert. There are two variants of the Jeep and all weaponry and crews are interchangable between the two so you can arm them to your own tastes. It also means you can field several of them and always have a unique look to each vehicle.

Jeep A sees one of the SAS crew firing a Lewis gun to the rear – no doubt seeing off the chasing Italian or German recipients of their latest raid or spraying a fuel dump of airfield as they roar through in a surprise attack! This Jeep also has a 50 Cal HMG and a Vickers K machine gun.

Jeep B is bristling with machine guns! Two twin-Vickers K set ups and backed up by a Lewis gun. Nasty.

Bolt Action ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner Fantasy-In erhältlich.

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